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Trio World School is a premier british international school in Bangalore with truly international infrastructure and faculty. Many parents have been asking to know and understand more about our school for which we invite them for a school tour.

Then, we came up with the idea of a video to show a typical day at Trio. Here’s the video – and get in touch for a school visit today. The admissions are open for 2013-14 – block your seats now!

We are rightly proud of this young person and their achievements and we would recommend that you take the time to listen to this interview.

Nisha’s Story -

David Lobo’s Interview -

Alma Lobo’s Interview-

On Saturday 10th of June one of our students, a young person of whom we are incredibly proud was interviewed by Aamir Khan on his very popular TV programme Satyamev Jayate.  The conversation was about the young girl’s life, her ability to deal with adversity and the amazing story of courage that she exhibits every day at home and here in Trio World School.

As a school we see it as our role to assist those who wish to live a fulfilling life, and in this case we have been rewarded by an inspirational student who is independent, hard working and has a focus that we would all be proud of.

Every day she can be seen overcoming her situation, sitting reading, learning and forming friendships, it’s a pleasure to watch and makes our approach of providing an inclusive school environment to this student and her family a wonderful decision.

TWS is sure that any parent who was able to see this would have been deeply moved as we were.  Thank you to the courage of our student who has allowed her life to be seen across the country.

We would also wish to offer our thanks to Aamir Khan for his quest to present these types of positive and inspiring stories to the community.  We are assailed every day by negativism and he brings a balance to how the world is that is greatly appreciated by us.  The celebration of joy, wonder, hard work and empowerment are vital in a balanced and healthy society.

Trio World School added a “Fun Day” to its annual calendar this week and brought its students, parents and teachers laughing and out of breath into a new and enjoyable world of experiences.  Fun was experienced by a large and very happy crowd encompassing our entire community on a sunny day here in Bangalore.

If the definition of fun is “a group or community expressing joy and happiness together” then there is no doubt that the TWS Fun Day held on Friday the 30th of March is without a doubt a “defined” moment in the life of our school.

The intention of the day was clearly to have our various groups from inside and outside the school come together, to experience team, competition and mutual support while achieving various goals.  Alongside this there was a more serious reason, the raising of funds for the Mathru School for the Blind, a local project which the school has taken on in a spirit of caring and social responsibility.

From athletics to IT quiz’s, the small stalls arranged by our students that sold everything from sweets, art, information on Brazil and wonderful food, every moment was planned to maximise excitement and effort while adding a surfeit of fun.

This was truly a fitting way to complete a Term, a chance to clear the mind, exercise the brain, stretch the legs and of course open our hearts and pockets.

As a TWS community day of fun, this was a wonderful success and for everyone involved a chance to see the hard work of planning and preparation come to fruition.  Now we look forward to the Easter/Spring Break and then a return to enjoy new challenges of mind and body in the form of tests, exams and further chances for fun and laughter.

Nisha lobo walking for Fashion Show on Fun Day @ Trio World School

Nisha Lobo (Fashion Show)

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As a Christian I find Christmas to be a truly magical time for a whole range of reasons. However for me Christmas is much better in India than it is back in England.
If I was back home in England this year, by now I would most likely have fallen victim to the bombardment of Christmas music, shopping, decorations and all the other rigmarole associated with the modern winter holiday season, not to mention the cold weather!

Personally I am delighted to be in India again this year and feel much more comfortable keeping the Christmas season a little shorter, having less planning and less shopping stress to deal with before December 25th.
Some worry that Christmas away from home isn’t really a holiday without family, but in all truth I believe that family are not just those people who you share your blood with, but also for people who you would shed your blood for! This year I have some folks staying in Bangalore with me for Christmas, they are good friends and I am honoured that they are flying in to visit me here. While I love spending time with ‘family’, the holidays in England just seem to get so hectic that it’s hard to slow down long enough to enjoy spending some quality time together. With all the chaos and expense of the Christmas holiday, the bizarre contemporary competition of outlandish seasonal decorating, cooking, baking and generally running around like a maniac, it is so nice to take a break from the Western norm here in India.
Moreover as Santa goes everywhere, I’m quite sure he could find me here if he feels I haven’t been too naughty this year!
Of course there are some more authentic and practical things to consider when living away from your native country such as how to handle gifts. When going home I would normally buy things for everyone beforehand, adding to the scandal of disproportionate overcharging for both flights and excess luggage by the airlines during the season of good will.
By not actually being on location there is a very real excuse if one wishes to ‘tune-down’ presents and send a ‘family gift’, I suggest to ones mother only! (Sorry Santa but I do have a touch of Scrooge in me!)
One thing I’m absolutely certain of is the elation I feel at not having to make time for holiday visits with the various sets of humanoids who claim to be related to me and who tell me I was much better looking as a child. Moreover Christmas is a real joy without people coming to blows during lunch over trivial diminutive historic incidents which happened so long ago that the facts have either been hyped, distorted or forgotten.
Quite frankly I am sick of the many excesses that some people (me included) get up to at this time of year, drunkenness, over-eating, immorality and watching repeats of Macaulay Culkin in the movie Home Alone.
Christmas is supposed to be a religious holiday, a time for celebrating the life of Jesus but somewhere along the line we in the West got confused between the true seasonal spirit of kindness and the desire of ravenousness consumerism. Truly I wonder if anyone in England will do anything for somebody they don’t know without expecting something in return this year?
Being away from family and the English Christmas pandemonium does not make me miserable in fact quite the contrary, I feel being here in India only strengthens my personal happiness and relationships with other people and most importantly with God.
Too often, in daily life, I am totally overwhelmed with so many sensory distractions and I can’t think clearly about what I should be doing to make this world a better place and make myself a better man. So while it’s hard to turn off the cell phone and unplug from cyber-communication – geography can make it a little easier. Yes, India and its kind warm hearted people make personal and spiritual progress much easier for me and for that I am very grateful to Mother India.
While snow is not expected on Christmas morning here in Bangalore, I for one won’t miss it too much while I bask in the very warm hearts and the sun shining in a cobalt blue sky of a truly magical Indian Christmas.
Best season’s wishes, God bless.



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Viraj Vimal PrakashDear Zorg,
How are you? How’s Planet Zar? The world has changed a lot since I wrote to you three years ago.
Earlier this year, Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake followed by a Tsunami. There has been a global financial crisis and people are still struggling. There were also riots in London recently. On a happy note, Prince William got married to Kate Middleton.
In sport, Spain won their first football world cup and Barcelona became the best football team in the world after winning the Champion’s League. Chennai Super Kings won their second IPL in a row. They are a tough team to beat.
I’ve got a new Xbox 360 Kinect games console which is a lot better than any of the consoles I mentioned in my last letter. You don’t even need any controllers to play the games. You’ve probably had something like this on Zar for a while but for me it’s really cool.
I moved to Bangalore a year ago and will be here another couple of years. I love it and have recently started a new school (Trio World School) which reminds me of London.
Write soon.
Your Earthling Friend,
Viraj Vimal Prakash
Year 7

Ms. Lakshmi Priya, a Physics Teacher at Trio World School (TWS) has received an award for BEST Paper on Innovation and Best Practice in Teaching, which included a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/-.  This competition is called Treasure Trove organised by Garden City College in Bangalore to give educationalists an opportunity to be recognised and rewarded for their academic excellence.  Lakshmi Priya was selected from 400 participants for this award.  The award ceremony took place in Bangalore on Saturday, the 12th of October 2011. Headmaster at Trio World School congratulated Ms Priya and said “this is testament to the quality of teacher that TWS has in its Faculty”.  Trio World School is proud of Ms Priya’s recognition through this award.


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